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About us


Is a Group of Student of Information Technology in Cambodia.
Design for Search Company Website & Use full with Internet Cafe
Make it more easy, more interested, more simple,
More links just click - click - click go to the website that you want,
Go to AllCambodiaWeb.com and other interested website in the world.

Web do as follow:
1 - Collect of All Cambodia Website
2 - Ebook Khmer and English
3 - Photo Gallery
4 - Other interest website in the world
5 - Partner Links ( Exchange links )

Please send interested Document to www.Angkorlink.com
for Free hosting by send to Sales@Angkorlink.com

Why We create www.ABCKhmer.com ?
1- We has some friend to study at the overseas, request to sent information of Cambodia
2 - When we go to the internet Cafe, do not remember the address of website.
3 - We want to collect of all website by Categories and other overse websites.
4- Share Photo Gallery, Funny Picture, - - -
5- Share Ebooks: Khmer and English

Now We are create the Website of ABCKhmer.com to collect of
all websites in Cambodia and other pop website in the world.
Thanks for your intereste and good cooperation with ABCKhmer.com

Thanks and best regards,
ABC Khmer Group

Domain name for sales
AngkorLink.com 999$
ABCKhmer.com 2500$
contact 098 69 22 11

Jan 07 2018